Backpacks and School Supplies Arrive


On a busy Monday morning at SMUM, another big donation of backpacks and school supplies just arrived, this time from St.Andrew’s in Saratoga.  Churches and community groups are bringing in their generous contributions to support SMUM’s annual distribution to the children of San Jose.  Contact Alfonso Mendez with questions.




Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson

SMUM Summary 2011 and 2012

Thanks to Operations Manager Alfonso Mendez for these summary numbers of SMUM’s remarkable support for the local community during 2011 and 2012:

                                    2011      2012 (partial year)

Emergency food boxes                 273       105
Households                         6,789     3,785
Individuals                       15,115     9,838
Children                           6,139     4,026
Food distributed  (in Pounds)    316,170   215,786    
   Clothes (Individuals)           1,500     2,233
   Studio  (Individual Kids)          17        20  
   ABC Playtime  (Individual Kids)    12        24
   Bicycles given away                 6         0
   Bicycles fixed                      0         4

Thanks to Lewis Pollard for the information that the VITA program in 2012 created 192 tax returns and requested $338,000 in refunds for the local community. Lewis is the leader of the VITA program, recently recognized with this certificate of appreciation for ten years of dedicated service, from the US Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue service.