IMG_4495Who are we?

SMUM was founded in 1983 as an outreach ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real, to provide emergency food to the residents of San José’s inner city. In addition to continuing to serve the needs of our clients and promote their self-sufficiency, SMUM has developed transformative programs to serve the needs of and promote self-sufficiency within our community.

SMUM is a unique gathering place in our neighborhood where clients feel safe. At SMUM clients can share their concerns with the staff and volunteers–caring individuals who know their stories, their struggles, their gifts, joys and hopes.

In spite of good efforts and solid programs, the need is growing faster than the resources.

SMUM needs your support to accomplish its mission.

SMUM ABC PlaytimeVision

Santa Maria Urban Ministry is the living presence of Jesus Christ, offering to all a safe place of welcome, service and positive transformation. All programs are offered free-of-charge to individuals on an as-needed basis regardless of their race, age, gender, ethnicity, creed, or religion.


Santa Maria Urban Ministry serves the inner city San José community by providing basic services to meet short-term needs, such as food, clothing and referral services, and by supporting long-term transformation through education, counseling and seasonal programs.

SMUM StudioWhom do we serve?

  • More than 60% of our Clients are children.
  • Almost 70% of our average Client families’ income is spent on housing or shelter.
  • An increasing number f SMUM Clients are homeless individuals.
  • Most families have at least one adult member working full-time. For many, that job is at minimum wage and with no medical coverage.
  • 85-88% are immigrants, both long-term residents and recent arrivals. Of that number, the majority are Latino.
  • SMUM is serving an increasing number of Vietnamese families as well.